The Reality is Fractal

The need for businesses to stay ahead of the competition and maintain sustainability has never been more crucial than it is today. To address this, we envision a future where organizations leverage our digital twin tool for modeling and simulation of any part of their operations.

Our unique solution provides the advantages of speed, innovation, and a robust AI foundation across corporate and supply chain systems, adaptable to any scale. The science and fractal-based ImpactTwin tool offers real-time, actionable transparency and a multidirectional flow of data across organizational and ERP boundaries. This empowers companies to fully optimize their processes, achieving unparalleled efficiency, automated ESG compliance, reduced waste, and increased profitability.


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Improvement in Overall 
Equipment Effectivenes


 Reduction in 
Manufacturing cost


 Increase in 
Operational efficiency


Return on 

14 months


* Recent reports by Gartner, Forrester and McKinsey



Use cases​

Auditor Reporting
CHALLENGE: An industrial manufacturing sustainability department spent an entire year of hard efforts to make up LCA and emission reports of each product line, just to face that the external auditors by year end rejected to approve any of the reports, due to undocumented sources, standards and calculation methodology.

SOLUTION: The department recognized that they needed a tool to ensure that solely correct standards and measures was used, and that automatic audit proof of operations could be reported on product level for any period and they found that ImpactSphere ensures a full audittrail for any process step anywhere in the process chain.

RESULT: As a result auditors can now quickly run through the automated audit reports and approve the LCA based assessments without costly delays.
Multi-factored Analysis
CHALLENGE: A manufacturing company, recognized that footprint improvements could not stand isolated. To remain competitive, the company needed a multi-factored analysis of the implications on cost, performance and others for any simulated or actual reduction in the sustainability footprint.

SOLUTION: The manufacturing company was looking for a dynamic processing and simulation tool of any multi-factored measure, not limited to CO2. This to be able to assess the holistic implications on financials, performance and ESG of any change in manufacturing or supply of goods.

RESULT: With impactSphere the company now perform dimensional and data-driven optimization, based on several same time factors and outcomes, even for the effect of exchaning an entire manufacturing workstation, on products and financials.

Scope 1-3 & ESG refinement automation
CHALLENGE: A manufacturer worked hard to collect and share valid scope 3 up- and downstream figures in their supply chain, and further found the efforts was disconnected from their actual everyday planning, optimization and manufacturing - leading to dubious figures.

SOLUTION: Manufacturer wanted an Scope 1-3 solution that was directly connected to their actual manufacturing and business processes, so that valid and actual measures could be automated to the largest possible extend. We therefore developed a complete generic Scope 1-3 automation model by ImpactSphere - that can covers any region, branch, plant or entire corporates.

RESULT: Already at first run, within 5 minutes a complete Scope 1-3 assessent for the entire corporate was made up, and from there on, the company now could add, optimize and automate any of the underlying areas and suppliers. The model is automatically refining it self to their actual structure and operations in every aspect. Further company found that same methodology could be used to model an ESG automation as well.

Automation of PEF reporting
CHALLENGE: Consumer goods company working on the upcoming EU-legislation of PEF-reporting for all 16 sector specific categories, faced a very time consuming and expensive task as they have to be made up for every single product, and further would require repeated LCA consultancy every 1-3 years for every report.

SOLUTION: Production needed to automate their PEF-reporting for any product, for any dynamic manufacturing process - which further could face restructuring along the way as an everyday result of any sustainability and business optimization.

RESULT: With the fully agnostic and in-built PEF-assessment by ImpactSphere, the company now without further consultancy can request/print a complete and dynamic PEF for any level, length or period of their manufacturing processes, even real-time. Further client now can improve their speed and footprint progress as the affect on the PEF-score is visible for each granular manifacturing step.

CHALLENGE: A plant for complex products had worked hard on sustainability optimization on their range of products, but later they recognized that it was sacrificing their unit cost, resilience and performance in unforeseen ways, also some that didn't improved the footprint.

SOLUTION: This could be solved by the agnostic and advanced real- and past-simulation capability of ImpactSphere instantly getting the low- or high-level outcome of any changes in realation to their actual business and manufacturing.

RESULT: Company can now query and test for any kind of change in goods, sourcing and manufacturing, leading to a faster and multi-factored data-driven optimization of business and footprint.

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Partner Perspectives


Short Time to Value

Implementation can quickly provide​ a carbon footprint baseline estimate that sets stage for a sustainability reporting and improvement program

Accuracy / Auditability

Ability to automate accurate and auditable reporting compliant with GHG Scope and EU PEF requirements

Vertical Scalability

Granularity that can scale with company maturity, from low-fidelity to a real-time science-based digital twin

Optimizing Modelling

Scenario modelling to quickly calculate impact of potential changes and ability to visualize impact for prioritization

Scalability beyond CO2

Toolset that enables expansion to managing not only carbon accounting but ALL, evolving ESG reporting requirements
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“What has been needed until now is high-level to granular simulations that can act real-time and are truly agnostic. ImpactSphere does that.” (Parabolic)
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“The invention's incredible flexibility in the basic modelling method - forms the basis for a completely new field of research in itself” (Copenhagen Business School)
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“It has been quite mind frying, the paradigm really solves a lot of traditional boundaries by it’s special data modeling and aggregation” (IBM)
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“I would describe the product as Digital twin for real-time simulation and optimization for any process-based manufacturing business.” (a professional)
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“ImpactSphere is a true new paradigm, that ensures modular transparency, balancing, data coherency and real-time aggregation across value chains” (Aarhus University)
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“This is the only true End-to-End ESG solution we have seen so far” (a professional)
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“We see this as a Process-based Input-Output driven LCA with Modeling Capability” (Schneider Electric)
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Features Designed for Business

The automated reporting supports real-time and period reporting and can make up various standardized reports directly on top of any model or sub-model. ImpactSphere can measure and create fully automated, readymade assessments and reports. With such you can meet both Global and EU requirements for ESG reporting, as OEF, PEF and GHG.

At any given time, businesses can describe, measure and monitor their processes and impacts at any abstraction level in the company as well as in the supply chain.

You can create a model by a top down or bottom up approach and scale in any direction from there. ImpactSphere also has the feature to share models and templates hereby enabling partners in your ecosystem to participate actively to their common interest in optimizing business and reducing emissions.

ImpactSphere enables you to swiftly perform real-time and historical simulations for any planned changes in measures and processes within your Shadow or Digital Twin. Conduct data-driven simulations before implementing changes to accelerate continuous optimization.

Impactsphere goes beyond LCA limitations by incorporating modeling with dynamic, real-time data sets on conversion rates, offering significantly enhanced accuracy.

ImpactSphere ensures a full audit trail for any process step anywhere in the process chain. Auditors quickly can run through the automated audit reports and approve the underlying LCA based assessments without costly delays.

Each SaaS client receives a confined and private OpenShift Sphere in IBM Cloud or On-Prem of choice that contains all and everything. The platform ensures full privacy and control so no externals can access data, unless explicitly authorized. You further selectively can share entire models, reports and data, internally and externally.

A Product/Market Perspective

Ability Digital Twins Software Processing Simulation ESG Reporting/ Data Collection ERP ImpactSphere
Assessment at the edge true-image true-image false-image false-image true-image
Real-time simulations true-image true-image false-image false-image true-image
Real-time data true-image true-image false-image false-image true-image
Inhouse generic business flow modeling false-image false-image false-image false-image true-image
Agnostic to industry types true-image true-image false-image true-image true-image
Sharing capabilities of processing false-image false-image false-image false-image true-image
Make up any LCA modelling and assessment false-image false-image false-image false-image true-image

An example of Real-Time PEF - Optimization simulation

As you can see from this short demonstration video, you can not only generate a PEF report at any given time on any given product, but you can simulate changes to the production of those products and receive an immediate update of the changes made and the results the changes delivered.


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