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What is ImpactSphere™

A sustainability framework and tool to

– document and report your impact on people, planet and profit
– enhance your sustainability performance
– strenghten partnerships and your business’ ecosystem

ImpactSphere™ is a pat pending hypergeneric SaaS tool, to model and assess any kind of process, which by it self is inheriting, collecting, balancing and calculating data for real time aggregation.
This for your management, optimization and reporting.


Real-time monitoring

You can describe, measure and monitor your business’ processes and impacts at any abstraction level in the company as well as in the supply chain at any given time.  

Engaging partners

All company users, external partners and suppliers can participate actively. It could be in sharing various standard reportings, but also by engaging into the building, simulating and optimizing your processes. Even your suppliers could be engaged online.


Complete revision and audit trails are automatically preserved, both from the user authoring and from the data logging, down the smallest part of any process in any point in time.

Sharing data and reports

The sharing features enables you and relevant stakeholders in your business ecosystem to inspire each other and mutually contributing to the development of sustainable business models across the value chain. 

Simulating business cases

Perform real-time simulations of imagined processes, on actual data from production, before deciding to implement them​ in reality.

Documentation & Reporting

You can collect data and create any type of quantifiable impact data from actual processes. Moreover, the reporting module allows you to extract standard process models and reports such as PEF, GHG and OEF. SBTi and CSRD report modules are under development.

The science

  • Huge efforts have been made the past years, into standardizing the datasets and methods, used for e.g. GHG, SBTI, PEF, OEF and alike reportings, including categorized rules for characterization and normalizations, across the life cycle stages and scopes of relevance.
  • ImpactSphere™ is based on such Scientific foundation, but takes it all a step further – introducing the automated BalanceChecks™ and ValidityScore™, and is also covering reliable and transparent conversions between factors and standards in a highly structured and reliable way.
  • All this combined with modern and intuitive web and mobile based UX, for making up fully automated realtime assessment, simulations and standardized reportings for any product, any organization for any period of time.
  • ImpactSphere™ have a close cooperation with Aarhus University and Copenhagen University about the Science behind, keeping strive for further advancements in research and development in union. This for the benefit of the market and our SaaS clients, eliminating the past hassels and inaccuracy of manual reportings and enabling both higher sustainability and true competitive advantages.
  • Do you know about EU PEF/PEFCR and CSRD? – we do, and we want to share and automate all such, to deliver ready to use cutting edge technology and standards, to our SaaS clients and partners.



ImpactSphere™ is a pat pending new paradigm into modelling, simulation and assessment of any kind of quantifiable Impact. This into any kind of production or service process, provided by a private and fully dedicated setup, ready to be optimizing your business.


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ImpactSphere™ is delivered through IBM Cloud, as a ready made multi-tenant platform for your tailored business modelling, optimization and assessment reporting. I

Private data

All modelling, data handling, assessments and reports in ImpactSphere™ is secured and made entirely private for your company.
At your discretion, you can share your process modelling and assessments with colleagues, named business partners, up – or downstream your supply chain, or even make selected reports and sustainability figures public.


ImpactSphere™ is utilizing the high availability clustering and scalability features of IBM Red Hat OpenShift, delivered in a fully dedicated and private microservices setup, on a per client basis. This also as an On-prem OpenShift container, should you wish to utilize your own Cloud for external licensing instead of our centrally Managed services.

Always updated

All ImpactSphere™ clients are automatically kept up to date with the latest released versions and standards. It enables you to a seamless exchange of models and data with other ImpactSphere™ companies in your supply chain, as well as being able to utilize the newest datasets and legislations, towards your general value chain.

Not only will your licensed system be kept updated, but also your models and assessments are dynamically and real time aggregated and presented from within your SaaS platform – an era of static sustainability reports is to be ended.

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